Study Procedures

Participants in PASS are asked to read and sign a consent form that explains the study in more detail.

The active study phase of PASS lasts for five years.

The study doctor monitors the patient's prostate cancer very carefully using physical examinations, blood tests, and periodic prostate biopsies.

At each visit PASS study staff records information about personal medical history and health habits. Participants are also asked to fill out questionnaires about diet and supplement use.

PASS collects blood, urine, and tissue samples to be stored for use in research studies about markers associated with prostate cancer.

After five years, participants may remain on active surveillance in long term follow-up. PASS does not collect samples or require study visits during long term follow-up, but study staff continue to collect information about outcomes such as cancer treatment or progression.

If the prostate cancer appears to get worse at any time during the study, the study doctor will discuss treatment options with the participant.

Participants may leave the study at any time for any reason, without affecting clinical care or treatment options.